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Live at the Royal

31st December

​ The Colt Seavers Band - A fun band serious about entertainment 
HOT entertainment is the name of the game for Rockabilly Stunt Masters, The Colt Seavers Band.

With a background in film and television stunt work, nothing is off limits for the Frontman, including lighting up his arms or maybe even setting fire to the Drum kit.

The Colt Seavers Band have released their debut self-titled EP, but their focus remains firmly on bringing a range of entertainment to their live audiences via their take on Rockabilly. Leading the band is Colt Seavers, Seavers has worked in films for more than three decades, including The Last Samurai, Ghost Ship and Ned Kelly and continues to do stunt work when called upon.

“I wanted to do stunt work because I am too lazy to work and too frightened to steal” he said with a laugh.

Keeping with the Country theme, though, Seavers also rode the rodeo circuit for many years. He said the band's aim was to blend Country and Rockabilly with Rockabilly essential to the development of Modern Country Music.

“We have the upright Bass and try to bridge the gap between Country and Rockabilly,” he said. “We want to put on a show similar to what they did in the 50’s.”

The other two members of the band are Rusty Sills on Drums and Trent “Lightning” Chadban on Guitar and second Vocals. Chadban pens most of the band's originals. The Trio of musicians are the core of the band that is often built upon with a Bass player, allowing Seavers to pick up Guitars, Mandolins and Banjos at times and a Saxophonist also joins the band from time to time.

From riding the Double Bass to playing instruments behind their heads, the band want to present a live show that has people talking. The hipster movement has also helped their cause.

“We are a fun band, but serious about entertaining people,” Seavers said. “I think a lot of people have never seen a Double Bass before but with the hipster movement gaining momentum, most of our crowd are very young and it's brought back the Bluegrass and Hillbilly music and we play anything - Countrybilly, Rockabilly and Bluesabilly. The Saxophone is great for getting people to dance as well.”

Seavers said he loved performing on stage because the audience's reaction was immediate, whereas with film you may need to wait a year or two to find out what people think of a performance.

“There is nothing better than being on stage when it's all going well,” he said.

“You get that immediate reaction and we feed off them as well. We also have audience participation in the shows.”

Over the next 12 months, the Colt Seavers Band will be the name on more and more people's lips as they increase their fan base by exploring and performing at events including Australia's premier country music celebration, the 2017 Tamworth Country Music Festival.



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